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Who We Are

Established in 1915, Patrick Lumber Company is a secondary manufacturer and exporter of niche high-grade softwood products sold to a network of worldwide distribution.

And yet we are so much more.  

Patrick Lumber is and has always been staffed by a team that adheres to a simple yet somewhat unique strategy for success:

Pay Attention:  to market changes, customers, suppliers, inventory, receivables and our own employees.

Show Up:  be accessible, be responsive, and be here.

Be Honest:  with your customers, vendors, co-workers and suppliers.

Create:  market diversity, an adaptive culture, significant opportunities and a strong company.

What makes this philosophy unique is how each member of the PLC team implements it into their daily lives – these aren’t just words we work by, they are truly words we live by.  We seek out, develop, promote and reward individuals who embody the same values and methodologies not only to protect our reputation but to also ensure consistent service and value to our customers.  

This simple plan must be working:  in January of 2015, Patrick Lumber Company embarked upon the grand adventure of a second century.  Along with an elegant gala designed to pay homage to the people, partners and relationships that helped us reach this milestone, the managing partners decided to commemorate our first 100 years with a book titled “Business is Good”, and a relaunching of our website.  Having never been much for self-promotion, or sharing of information outside our core partners, these fairly bold steps were disconcerting at first.   But the “behind the scenes” view offered by these two platforms has done so much more than allay any misgivings  – existing relationships have strengthened and new ones have been created solely on the basis of sharing a bit more of Who We Are.  

(To obtain your own copy of “Business is Good”, please call 503-222-9671.)